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Our Team


Expert Claims Adjusters, Inc. employs experienced and professional public adjusters who are dedicated to achieving the best results for ECA clients. Our adjusting team is led by Carlos Perez who leads a strong collection of talented public adjusters to support the company.

it is an ongoing mission of ECA to provide clients with a wide array of specialty public adjusters that have experience and backgrounds in the areas required with any particular claim. ECA is determined to cater to the needs of its clients by providing them with a public adjuster, that will handle their claim in an efficient and professional manner.

Customer Service Department

Expert Claims Adjusters, Inc. believes in the importance of informed and satisfied clients. ECA Customer Service Department was developed in order to provide clients with a way to stay connected to their claim while making sure that there is a free flow of information in order to expedite and successfully complete claims. If a client has any questions, concerns, or information that is of value to their claim, they should immediately contact one of our customer service representatives for assistance.


Our accounting department at Expert Claims Adjusters, Inc. is dedicated to working with clients in order to establish the most reasonable fee terms while maintaining the best interests of clients. Our accounting department also has experience in helping clients obtain fees from mortgage and loan servicing companies that are required to be included on insurance claim checks. ECA accounting staff is here to help clients retrieve their claim checks without delay and at a fair percentage.

Information Technology Department

Expert Claims Adjusters, Inc. understands that one of the best ways to serve clients is by making technology and communications a priority.

ECA has developed an internal data and record keeping system that allows clients to be constantly informed as to the current status of their claim. ECA public adjusters and staff utilize this same system in order to ensure that every client is protected and that adjusters are always in a position to negotiate effectively with insurance companies. Our I.T. department is always researching new ways of providing strong and cutting edge support systems in order to ensure  client success.

Legal Department

In the event that legal assistance is needed  in order to maximize your claim, and the insured does not have their own attorney, we have excellent

Relationships with a various law firm that can assist in the handling of your claim

In case of emergency, we offer 24/7 assistance
Please call 305-338-6859 info@ecaflorida.com