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[faq][faq_item title=”Why should I engage an Expert Claims Adjuster?”]To properly adjust an insurance claim, highly skilled professional insurance experts with a vast knowledge of insurance policies, coinsurance, depreciation, inventories, building damage assessments, repair and replacement costs, and negotiation are all necessary to secure the maximum recovery from your insurance policy. Only an experienced professional public adjuster or public adjusting firm like Expert Claims Adjusters has these qualifications.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”What is a public adjuster?”]Public adjusters are professionals who are employed exclusively by a policyholder who has sustained an insured loss. We handle every detail of the claim, working closely with the insured to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible. An ECA public adjuster inspects the loss site immediately, analyzes the damages, assembles claim support data, reviews the insured’s coverage, determines current replacement costs and exclusively serves the client, not the insurance company.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”When should I contact Expert Claims Adjusters?”]Immediately after a loss, call Expert Claims Adjusters. It is in your best interest for ECA to get involved at the beginning to set the tone for the adjusting process.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Why choose Expert Claims Adjusters?”]We are experienced professionals, and insurance companies respect the quality of our work thus giving us an advantage over most public adjusters. ECA is also a larger adjusting firm with more resources than other adjusting firms. Expert Claims Adjusters has only one interest in mind: You, the insured.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”How do public adjusters differ from insurance adjusters and independent adjusters?”]Different types of adjusters include insurance adjusters, independent adjusters, and public adjusters. Both the insurance and independent adjuster work for the insurance company, while a public adjuster works only for the property owner – you! An ECA public adjuster works on the policyholder’s behalf to represent their best interest and get a fair settlement from the insurance company. The policyholder has the right to choose his own contractor and not be limited to the lowest bid. The insurance companies retain adjusters who protect their interests. They are well trained to adjust the claim by offering the policyholder a settlement based on the lowest bid submitted by contractors or their own evaluation.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?”]The typical insurance policy contains many provisions, complex details, and technical language about your requirements and the complicated procedures you must adhere to in case of loss. Many people do not know or understand these policy provisions and do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholders. In fact, most insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with a professional public adjuster rather than an inexperienced insured. An ECA public adjuster not only has your confidence, but the insurance company adjuster’s as well because they recognize that they are working with a professional. Professional ECA public adjusters are well trained in what to look for in an insurance policy and fully understands the procedures necessary in preparing and filing a claim in accordance with policy requirements.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Will I have to pay for your services if you are unable to collect money for me?”]We work off a percentage of your recovery. Therefore, if there is no recovery, there is no fee. ECA only collects a fee if we are able to get your insurance company to pay for your damages.[/faq_item][/faq][faq][faq_item title=”What is the extent of a public adjuster’s responsibility?”]ECA assist you with every phase of preparing and presenting your claim, as well as accomplishing an adjustment for you which is equitable and includes everything to which you are entitled to under your insurance policy.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Why can’t my insurance agent or broker handle my claim?”]An agent or broker is well trained in determining your insurance needs and placing or writing insurance programs, but they are not well trained in detailing insurance losses. You can’t expect an agent or broker, who is not paid to adjust losses, to try and “adjust” one; they generally don’t have the time, training, or facilities to render the highly specialized service of insurance adjusting.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”How do public adjusters determine the actual loss?”]ECA takes a physical inventory of your damage with your assistance, prepare the estimate of damages to your building, and obtain other pertinent documentation to determine your loss of rents, business interruption or additional living expenses. ECA makes certain that all provisions in your insurance policy are properly fulfilled. This often involves numerous steps of which you may know little or nothing about, but can make a significant impact on the outcome of the amount for your final settlement.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Will I be cancelled if I hire a public adjuster?”]No! The public adjusting profession is mandated by the Legislature and regulated by the Department of Insurance. It would be a serious violation if any insurance company would discriminate against you in any way for exercising a right given to you by the State Legislature.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Is it too late to place a claim?” answer_title=”I thought my damage was minor, now the repair costs are exceeding my deductible.”]It is never too late to place a claim, as long as it is within your states limit of time to re-open claims – For example, Florida has 3 years, Texas has 2 years. Old claims are difficult to re-open and should be left to us professionals at Expert Claims Adjusters.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Will my loss be settled quicker with the services of a public adjuster?”]We know exactly what is necessary to provide to the insurance company in order to expedite the settlement of your claim. A great deal of time can be saved by having our professional ECA public adjuster handle your loss. Inspections are done immediately, estimates are prepared, inventories completed, and time elements losses are implemented. Accumulation of evidence and substantiation begins without delay. With your cooperation, ECA will quickly have your claim filed and the settlement process under way.[/faq_item][faq_item title=”Will I have to pay for your services if you are unable to collect money for me?”]We work off a percentage of your recovery. Therefore, if there is no recovery, there is no fee. ECA only collects a fee if we are able to get your insurance company to pay for your damages.[/faq_item][/faq]

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